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Jennifer's obsession with healthy interest in AI-generated art. 🖖

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AI-generated art is created through the use of GANs (Generative Adversarial Networks), a machine learning technique in which a pair of neural networks are competing with each other. When the (human) user provides a text prompt to this GAN, one of the networks - the Artist - will begin to create images in an attempt to match the prompt. The other network - the Viewer - will attempt to identify the difference between the Artist's output and the text prompt. The Artist continues to paint until the Viewer is satisfied that the text-prompt has been fulfilled, and the final image is produced.For more information about GANs and machine learning, I recommend starting on Wikipedia (Article: Artificial Intelligence Art) or on YouTube (Channel: Two Minute Papers)

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I am not considering NFTs at this time,
as I do not understand them and have no desire to.