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Jennifer's obsession with healthy interest in image synthesis. 🖖

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About What I Do

I work with image synthesisers like Dall·E or StableDiffusion to create and curate images that I find interesting and aesthetically pleasing.For more information about machine learning and image synthesis, I recommend starting on Wikipedia (Article: Artificial Intelligence Art) or on YouTube (Channel: Two Minute Papers)

Highly Recommended

(aka A List of Helpful Things)

📚 PharmaPsychotic's Megalist of Tools & Resources
→ A fantastic resource for finding new tools, toys and ways to get started!
🖥 Visions of Chaos by Softology
→ My preferred method for running scripts locally without needing to balance multiple python environments myself. :)
🌍 NightCafe Studio
→ My preferred method for synthesising images online! Lots of free points to use, including daily top-ups and points for sharing on social media, and really reasonable pricing if you want more.
This currently requires approximately 100GB of storage, and more if you want to try every single feature. Not for the faint of heart nor the short of space, but it is absolutely the easiest way to run diffusion locally!